Students' Scientific Conference (TDK)

Several lectures were held at the Students' Scientific Conference (TDK) related to our Department. Authors, titles and awards are as follows:


Richárd Rosa: Parametric analysis of tensegrity domes
    1st prize (EHK) + award of CEOS Kft. (consultant: Dr. Krisztián Hincz (TMT))


Ghulam Kibriya: Load Bearing Capacity of Thin Steel Plate with Voids for Varying Porosities
    3rd prize (EHK, consultant: Dr. Imre Bojtár (TMT))


András Czétényi: Multilevel modelling of collagen fibers
    1st prize + MOGI award (consultants: Dr. Éva Lakatos (TMT), Dr. Brigitta Krisztina Tóth (TMT), Dr. Rita Kiss (MOGI))


Mátyás Keresztély Csűry: Modelling of the microstructure of cancellous bone around dental implants
    1st prize + award of the Student's Representation of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering + MOGI award (consultants: Dr. Rita Kiss (MOGI), Dr. Brigitta Krisztina Tóth (TMT), Dr. Éva Lakatos (TMT))