Low-cost RTK GNSS receivers

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Dual-frequency, Galileo and Beidou compatible, low-cost GNSS receivers hit the market recently. They open the way to collect centimetre accurate positions even in real-time. There is a wide range of their applications, ranging from autonomous car vehicle navigation to monitoring specific engineering structures. 
Students are invited to take part in research to investigate the performance of such devices. The first project would be to mount the GNSS receiver onto a car and gain experience regarding the rate of fix and float solutions. Another project would be to investigate the role of the European Galileo and the Chinese BeiDou constellations in the initialization of Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) measurements.
The next figure depicts the number of tracked satellites and the solution mode recorded during a kinematic measurements. Number or satellites is 25 or even more, which is pretty high and can be attributed to the use aof all the four constellations. Consequently, the majority of the positions are recorded as a fix RTK solution, which can be charaterized by a few cm accuracy.
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