Investigation of suspended sediment transport at the confluence of rivers with different sediment characteristics

Rövid leírás: 

Fluvial suspended sediment transport is described by various quantitative and qualitative parameters. Thanks to the recent technological advances, using of state-of-the-art indirect measurement techniques (as reliable alternatives) in suspended sediment measurements has also come to the fore. However, indirect methods are typically sensitive to changes in suspended sediment quality (e.g. particle size and material).

In this research, investigations are carried out at the confluence of two rivers with different sediment characteristics. Following the direct and indirect suspended sediment sampling at the field, the sediment samples are analysed in the laboratory using a variety of analytical methods. The data processing is supplemented by a comparative analysis of the obtained results and the drawing of conclusions.

1. Aerial photo of the confluence of the Danube and Mosoni-Duna rivers: the different colours of the rivers clearly indicate the different sediment characteristics. 

2. 3D mapping of suspended sediment transport using acoustic techniques in the confluence zone of the Danube and Drava rivers. (SSC = suspended sediment concentration)