Students' Scientific Conference (TDK)

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Three lectures were held on 17th November at the Students' Scientific Conference (TDK) related to our Department. Authors, titles and awards are as follows:


Bálint Tóth: Comparative study on the optimal topologies obtained by parametric computations
    2rd prize (EHK) and Dean's award (consultants: Dr. János Lógó (TMT), Dr. Matteo Bruggi (Politecnico di Milano))


János Gál: Examination of the mechanical behaviour of fiber-reinforced, rubber-like materials
    3rd prize (EHK, consultants: Dr. Brigitta Krisztina Tóth (TMT), Dr. Krisztián Hincz (TMT))


Hussain Muzahir, Hussain Syed Musaib: Stresses and strains in eccentrically loaded columns of partially no-tension material
    3rd prize (EHK, consultant: Dr. Flórián Kovács (TMT))